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CAROL WILEY Artist's Statement

ART IS A VISUAL CONVERSATION between artist and canvas.
Painting feeds my soul. The infinite possibilities for putting paint to surface fascinate me. Each time I approach the easel I am eager to see what will happen as I work to integrate what I know about painting with my intuition and inspiration.
I find freedom when I use a variety of media to explore color relationships, interesting shapes, and linear movement. I almost always paint from life. My figure paintings begin with drawings of "live" models. It is when I begin to paint into the drawing that they seem to take on a life of their own.
While I am not compelled to paint everyday, after a short time at the easel the painting seems to take over.
I hope my paintings will make people stop as they walk by and come back for a second look, to think and talk about them. Each painting has meaning for me. Hopefully others will find here their own meaning.
Carol's home Studio/Gallery is at Spruce Meadow Rd., Jefferson, Maine. Her work can be viewed there. Her mailing address is PO Box 209, Newcastle ME 04553 Work can also be viewed online at carolwileystudio.com or on her Facebook page.
She is a member of River Arts in Damariscotta. Contact information: 207-563-1657 or via email: carolwiley@mac.com